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alternatives than OregonSaves!

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The Oregon Decision guide is an invaluable piece that assists Employers to choose a much better plan than OregonSaves, written by the Father of the 401k, Ted Benna.

Learn why and how one of the Benna Models provides significant savings and advantages.

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The Models are summarized and provide information to help you decide which plan suits your company best. It's the first step to meeting the mandate and avoiding the fine! You may decide to stop there or purchase one of the Plan guides for $49.99, known as Models which contain all you need to customize and install a retirement plan for your company.

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Benna401k vs. OregonSaves

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OregonSaves plan is a payroll deduction Roth-IRA...

BennaModel 1 is a payroll deduction IRA,
but with the following advantages:

  • Each employee can select either a pre-tax traditional IRA or a Roth-IRA.

  • Investments are wide open with BennaModel 1 including thousands of mutual funds, Exchanged-Traded Funds (EFTs), stocks and bonds, CDs and much more. OregonSaves is limited to indexed Target Date Funds, S&P 500 Index Funds and a money market.

  • Benna Models include indexed Target Date Funds that cost only 0.08% compared to 1% in fees annually for those offered by OregonSaves.

Other models are available if you want more than a payroll deduction IRA plan.